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Parking charge notices are typically issued when a driver parks a vehicle in contravention of the terms and conditions displayed via warning signs. Any notice you will have received will be due to an alleged contravention of the terms and conditions of parking on a particular site.

These conditions can include:

  • Parking in a disabled bay without clearly displaying a valid permit.

  • Parking in a parent and child bay without a child.

  • Parking in a private area without a valid permit.

  • Failure to display a valid ticket.

  • Overstaying permitted hours.

  • Parking in an area restricted to customers and leaving the site.

  • Parking in a hatched area.

  • Parking on yellow lines.

  • Parking outside a bay or not parked correctly within the bay lines.

The company that you owe money to has instructed DRP to recover their money without further delay. It is in your own best interests to either pay in full now or contact us immediately on 0208 234 6775

DRP recommends that you deal with your parking charge as soon as possible to avoid potential further action. If you do not pay we will recommend to our client that they take legal action to recover the monies owed, therefore it is essential that you contact us to either arrange payment or give us your reason for not paying.  See County Court Judgments.

We will do everything we can to come to an arrangement that you can afford. Call 0208 234 6775
to discuss your payment options.

If you are not the person we are trying to contact or have recently settled this account, please contact us immediately to avoid further action.

Call and pay a DRP operator by Credit/Debit card on 0208 234 6775 | 0141 301 2355