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Debt Recovery:

  • Industry leading collection performance.

  • A dedicated ‘appeals team’ that can free up your valuable time.

  • Dedicated account manager.

  • Tracing ‘gone away debtors’ is a free service provided by DRPL

  • An in depth knowledge of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.

  • Access to class leading legal services.

A number of our clients now issue PCN’s via our own bespoke PCN issuing software. TicketManager is a budget solution aimed at parking management companies whom are just setting out in business, or whom are currently issuing PCN’s using a pre printed book of tickets and don’t wish to make the investment in an expensive ticketing solution. Using TicketManager there is no need for you to have your own back office staff manually uploading details of the ticket and photograph’s that record the contravention, TicketManager will do all of that for you.

More features of TicketManager
• Easy online access to your cases providing up to the minute status reports by case or site.

• Our handheld application operates from any device supported by Android version 2.3
(ask us for details of recommended devices).

• Simple and easy to use functionality, with training provided by our in house team.

• Seamlessly integrates with “EasyCollect” our bespoke collection system, giving you quicker and more effective results.

• Where required PCN’s automatically upload to the printer to issue the ticket.

• Real time uploads from the handheld to our back office system “TicketManager” allowing drivers to instantly view pictures of the contravention and make immediate online payments.

• Facility to take and upload up to 12 photographs of each contravention.

• Site addresses automatically included in the application.

• The “TicketManager” application acts as a guide to the warden instructing them at each stage how to issue the ticket.

• Cases can only be uploaded once the required information regarding the contravention is included meaning fewer warden errors.

• Personal login for each warden assisting you in activity monitoring.

• Data uploaded via 3G or Wi-Fi, allowing you to control data costs.

Are you still applying for DVLA keeper details manually?

Do you know that DRP has a direct electronic link to the DVLA database via our Elise KADOE (Keeper At Date Of Event software)? Keeper details can be provided to you overnight, electronically rather than via the laborious task of completing the paperwork and waiting for details to arrive in the post. We believe that Debt Recovery Plus offer the most cost effective method of obtaining keeper details.

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